About Us

NFM Pools brings to today’s market, cutting-edge, new technologies developed to strengthen our relationship to our natural environment.

At Northern everything we do is based on “Purity”, which is defined as “the absence of impurity or contaminants in a substance”. It is our business model, our ethics, our ingredients and our end result in each product we develop. Pure quality and pure satisfaction for the consumer.

We strive to address the unmet biological needs and demands of today’s industries through excellence in science and a deep understanding of the biological core in all substances. Within each product is an understanding of the end result requirements beginning at conception. Northern is based on developing solutions through the use of outside the box scientific thinking followed by stringent testing. Today’s needs are addressed with a thought process for long term success for both the product and the need.

We create professional grade, eco-friendly water treatment systems for pools, spas, ponds and fountains. NWP has received the industry’s first EPA registered anti-algae, anti-bacteria and anti-microbial line of filter medias with Sanitect. We create pure products to bring purity and balance to water-features naturally.