zeobestproduct-zb-zeobest1-165x165FINALLY, a filter media that provides DE-like water clarity for your sand filter!

Yes, Zeobest, a safe, naturally occurring, environmentally friendly zeolite filter media, provides DE-like water clarity in sand filters. Our uniform three-dimensional honeycomb structure filters down to 3 – 5 microns just like DE. Zeobest out performs pool filter sand because our surface area is thousands of times greater. But don’t be fooled! NOT ALL ZEOLITE FILTER MEDIA WERE CREATED EQUALLY!! Compare Zeobest to the other products on the market. Please check out Zeobest’s performance for filtration/water clarity and our ability to reduce or eliminate chloramine formation and the resulting eye irritation. Zeobest has the highest Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) of any zeolite filter media in the US. Click on the link below to bring up our certified laboratory performance results.

Choose Zeobest for superior water clarity, safety and to eliminate eye irritation caused by chlorine and chloramine formation.

Also, consider moving up to Zeobest Ultra!! We combine the superior water clarity and CEC capabilities of Zeobest with our patented Sanitect technology. Zeobest Ultra is the first EPA Registered, antimicrobial, anti-algae filter media for sand filters. Zeobest Ultra will save you as much as 40% or more on your chemical usage per year and eliminate the frustration of operating a pool! Yes, put the FUN back into owning a pool with Zeobest Ultra!


  • Superior water clarity – Zeobest filters down to 3 – 5 microns
  • Highest CEC in the US to reduce or eliminate eye irritation
  • Longer filter runs resulting in fewer backwashing
  • Half the weight of filter sand
  • Lasts as long as filter sand
  • Available in 25-pound or 50-pound bag
  • Safe and environmentally friendly

Physical Characteristics

  • Color: pale green
  • Weight: 50-pounds per cubic foot
  • Filtration capabilities: 3 – 5 micron
  • CEC: 1.67 meq/gram
  • Purity: 90% +/- 5% pure clinoptilolite

Operational Specifications

  • Follow filter manufacturers specifications for placing Zeobest in filter
  • Freeboard: 50% of bed depth
  • Flow rate typically: 15 – 20 gpm/sq. ft.
  • Backwash expansion: 35% of bed depth
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