Sanitect Technology

logo-sanitectSanitect EPA registered anti-microbial filter media offers the highest level of filter media protection available on the market today. Utilizing cutting edge Silica-Nano technology, Sanitect adds invisible protection to your filter media that protects the media from becoming a haven for nasty bacteria so common in ordinary filter media and beds. This will aid in increasing the service times of your filter runs and allow better cleaning when you backwash, since the typical stubborn biofilm will not be able to adhere to the media. Sanitect allows the media to operate at peak performance even in imbalanced chemical situations.

The normal fouling in the filter from algae and bacteria can be a major contributor to an imbalanced chemical profile that can lead to increased chemical sanitizer consumption. Additionally, biofilm buildup leads to pressure spikes causing you to replace your filter media more often.

EPA registered Sanitect works continuously for the life of the media to fight the most common bacteria, yeasts, molds and fungi that cause stains, fouling, odors and biofilm.

Replacing your filter media with EPA registered Sanitect filter media will lead to longer filter runs and an enhanced user experience both in ease of maintenance and stability of clarity from improved filter function.